Lavender Whipped Body Butter

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This whipped body butter is fragranced with the scents of an enchanting meadow fringed with springs of lavender. It is whipped up with shea butter, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, grape seed oil and olive oil.

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Ashley Pearson
Luscious Lavender Is My Go To!

Tracey's Lavender body butter is literally like a warm blanket on my skin. Whenever I feel like I need something to lay on and wrap my skin in moisture and warmth Lavender is my thing. It's thick, rich, smells so inviting and is soothing to my body and soul! Thank you for having lavender in your butter offerings Tracey!

Soothing Skin Medicine

I started using Tracey’s Body Butters to moisturize my extremely dry skin; then, I discovered that the Lavender Scented Product has medicinal benefits for persons like me with Type O blood which are more attractive to parasitic insects.

I live in a rural area and there is an abundance of varied creepy-crawlers, including PoppySeedBlack Ticks, which are ready to attack.

I noticed I get fewer insect bites after applying the Lavender Body Butter. It is a dual purpose skin remedy which has eliminated the need to use harsh insect repellants. Lavender works best for me but the Lemongrass also repels insects. The may be other fragrances that work as well; I am waiting for spring to use the peppermint in case it stays a fall fragrance.

NOTE: The Lavender works best for me because it also relieves stress and is calming when sleeping. A Three For One Win!!

Thank you Tracey