I am a constant returning customer and I MUST SAY!

The Whipped Body Butter Has my skin smoooooth and moisturized for hours! I also have eczema and I have tried other brands! But thissss is the only product that is clearing up my eczema! Thank You Tracey!

Samantha S.

This is the most clearest my skin has been and years! I suffer from dry skin and this product keeps my skin smooth for the rest of the day! The scents are amazing and has people constantly asking me what I have on! 

Tiffany Scott

I purchased the Beard Butter & a 8 Ounce Butter. The Beard Butter WORKS Like a Charm! My beard isn't rough or dry and brittle! The body butter leaves a soothing feel on my skin after applied. It lasts for hours.

Michael Robinson

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Meet the Owner

My name is Tracey and I am the Owner of Tracey’s Body Treats. I am a mother of four sons and an educator. I suffered from dry skin all my life! I mean severely dry skin. So dry that my mom used to put Crisco on my skin as a moisturizer when I was a child. (WHEW!) I tried several different moisturizers as I got older. I tried so many “lotions and potions” and none of them worked. I discovered shea butter about 20 years ago and started using that on my skin and it worked! I was ecstatic. A few years ago I tried body butter for the first time and fell in LOVE with the way it made my skin feel. After about a year of purchasing it, in 2018 I decided to make my own. My family was pleased so I continued to make It for them. I started giving samples away and other people started enjoying its benefits as well. So I decided to sell it and promote my products. I started out at different pop-up shops in the area then I grew my business on social media. Tracey’s Body Treats began to sell more than just body butter, I created beard butter, sugar scrubs, hair butter and body wash as well. I now have a wealth of customers who enjoy the benefits of my skincare products on a regular basis. Thank you so much for visiting my website and as always…”Treat Yourself”